A global shopping chain, Westfield Malls, is one of the world’s largest shopping center owners and managers. The group operates and owns shopping centers across Australia, United States, United Kingdom, and Ireland.

The company’s digital arm, Westfield Labs, is an experiment in how digital and brick-and-mortar shopping can work together. This strategic business unit focuses on innovation and enhancing the experience of shoppers at Westfield malls, connecting them better with retailers and brands, to create cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.


Tasked with the innovation of new digital products that enhance mall experience in food, fashion, leisure and entertainment, Westfield Labs, looked to develop a number of solutions to test out in stores in quick time. To efficiently do so they needed an extended team that was innovative and familiar with the process of bringing new ideas to life.


Westfield Labs engaged Calcey’s boutique product engineering services to develop multiple digital products. Some directly addressed well-defined needs that Westfield needed to bring to market quickly-such as a Wi-Fi portal to manage Wi-Fi networks across multiple malls, while others involved developing MVPs of new ideas the company wanted to pilot inside their premises. One such idea was of a mobile app for shoppers to pre-order food from the food court. Allowing access to all available restaurants and their menus, users are able to order food ahead of time or opt for delivery, avoiding the lunch-hour or dinner rush.

Calcey’s quality assurance team were also engaged to find a solution to the need for automating Westfield’s regression test suite. Working in close collaboration with Westfield’s internal team, a test automation project to reduce the workload for manual regression testing to a minimum was carried out. Initially carrying out exploratory manual testing, Calcey’s team designed test cases using Cucumber and automated these test cases using Selenium WebDriver. Jenkins was used to achieve continuous integration and delivery.

Technologies: Android, Volley, Crashlytics, Gradle, Selenium WebDriver, Cucumber, Jenkins


Calcey’s solution freed up Westfield’s team for higher value-added tasks to focus more keenly on creating and developing digital products that provided memorable shopping experiences to their customers in new and inspiring ways, their core function. Further serving this function, Calcey has also helped them swiftly and cost-effectively incubate a number of new ideas.