For the tech entrepreneur, founder and innovator endlessly looking for that elusive ‘perfect spot’ to establish and grow their business more efficiently, in a strategic location with superior infrastructure, Upflex offers an end to the search.

Re-inventing workspaces for today’s mobile millennials, Upflex, creates a curated network of co-working spaces across the US, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa that foster collaboration and innovation. Located in top-notch physical locations, its global network of innovative work-spaces from around the world is what sets Upflex apart from its counterpart co-working offerings.

It’s curated network of spaces, allows members to access any location in the network with one common pass, helping companies go national and global very quickly. The collaborative eco-system fostered within and across all work-spaces in the network, support expansion plans and have proved invaluable to companies.


Upflex’ unique approach and quality saw their network of work-spaces around the globe grow rapidly. As of January 2018, the network stands at 107 co-working spaces around the world. A web platform to seamlessly manage the interactions between users and owners of co-working spaces was crucial to Upflex’ offering.


Upflex, formerly known as Upflex, partnered with Calcey to develop this platform, engaging a dedicated team. Building on the platform already in use, the team, initially leveraged Nexudus (a white label tool to manage co-working spaces) to develop Uplexs’ websites, using their APIs to provide the services Upflex required. Web apps to facilitate partner on-boarding, manage and track partner space bookings and billing work have also been developed as part of the engagement.

The team is currently working on Upflex’ own proprietary platform to improve utility, responsiveness and user experience, called Upflex. Upflex will provide flexible and convenient on-demand work-space service for employees, activity dashboards and analytics for employers, team subscriptions and geolocation technology to help find the most central location for teams.

A web app called Upflex-Business is also in the pipeline and will cater to Upflex’ space partners from around the world, allowing them to manage their own co-working spaces through the website.

Technologies: ReactJS, KoaJS, PostgreSQL, Sequelize, JQuery


The developed solutions while allowing Upflex to efficiently manage their vast network with relative ease, also create a platform to connect Upflex to potential ‘Space Partners’ from all corners of the world.

Already one of the fastest growing companies in the co-working space market, with a number of big-name corporate client sign-ups, Upflex, target expanding their network to as many as 3000+ work-spaces, leveraging the new platform. If successful it would become one of the largest players in the co-working space market worldwide.


Calcey Technologies understood our needs from the beginning by knowing exactly what we were trying to achieve. They gave us a lot of input and help on what technologies to put in place, and what strategies to follow. The work was done professionally and was always on time. We will continue working together on our future projects.

Christophe Garnier