Case study


Data processing engine for a global health-care leader


Topcon is a global leader in precision ophthalmic equipment. Topcon partnered with Calcey to build a technology solution that would analyse and aggregate the reports and data produced by Topcon’s range of equipment in order to identify demographics patterns and provide health professionals with a 360-degree view of a given patient’s condition. 


Topcon’s team at Calcey designed and built a processing engine that could process and analyse the volume of reports and myriad of report formats Topcon’s equipment (including both textual and graphical data). The solution was designed to operate with large data volumes, utilizing parallel processing to accelerate report throughput. The processing engine was designed with a configurator module to enable Topcon personnel to define new reports and data formats that may need to be processed in the future. As this was a Class 2 FDA product, Calcey’s team also supported the documentation process required for FDA approval. 

Technologies: .NET Core, Python, Tesseract


Topcon’s partnership with Calcey enabled the development of leading-edge technology that drove business growth.


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