Stanford Graduate School of Business is one of the oldest and most respected business schools in the world. Frustrated by the limitations of traditional written cases and leadership frameworks, professors at the school had begun to think of alternate, more innovative means of leadership training.

Recognising that meaningful leadership learning can only come from engaging participants in the learning process and sparking discussion and reflection, the Leadership in Focus program was launched to enhance leadership training for individuals and organizations alike.

Extending Stanford’s unique brand of learning beyond its on-campus student population, the program, one of the pioneers of the like at the time, offers users from around the world a host of videos, case vignettes, teaching and learning resources to choose from.


The necessity for a more responsive solution than that already in place to gain maximum reach from desktops to mobile devices and create a seamless learning experience was identified by Stanford. Aimed at busy professionals with little or no time to come in for classes, the program, needed to be easily accessible during breaks in office or at home. It was imperative that user experience improved if Stanford was to capture and retain the audience targeted. Ease of access for the program’s enterprise clientele, who purchased courses for their employees was also paramount. Stanford engaged Calcey to develop a more cutting-edge, new eLearning solution.

Solution & Technologies

The solution developed by Calcey allows users from around the world to easily access all of Leadership in Focus’s content through the website and portal. Accompanying teaching notes may be downloaded along with the videos to facilitate teaching and learning from video case studies and capstone perspectives in the collection. The online modules lasting only 20-30 minutes and capstone perspectives, shorter commentaries by business leaders on leadership topics, are grouped across 12-14 leadership topics for ease of use and reference.

The portal also facilitates individual learning and looks to enhance the learning experience of those individuals opting to interact with the video cases in remote locations, and through their Learning Modules enable individual reflection, idea sharing and a summary of insights.

Calcey replaced the legacy ColdFusion technology with Django, a Python based web framework. This choice of technology helped Calcey deliver the project within a few months. The solution is hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud and connected to a MySQL back-end.

Calcey also bridged the website with Single sign-on (SSO) technology for Leadership Program’s enterprise client base.


Calcey’s innovative design and solution have helped Leadership in Focus increase reach and effectiveness. Used by the top 50 U. S. Business schools, over 800 universities around the world, Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and the US Military; the Leadership in Focus program‘s value has been proven beyond doubt.

Prominent business leaders featured on the portal, include Bill Campbell (Intuit), Gordon Bethune (Continental Airlines) and Anne Mulcahy (Xerox).

Leadership In Focus


I am thrilled with the work your team has done for me. I know that single-sign-on integration was also quite difficult, but the users are now thrilled that we were able to launch on time and everything works. Thank you for such professional work! It is a pleasure to work with the Calcey team!

Susan Feland
Director of Online Leadership Programs, Stanford GSB