Case study


Internal product development for a global Fintech leader


Paypal, one of the world’s leading fintech firms, came to Calcey with two distinct but specific needs; an analytics and business intelligence platform for Paypal executives and an enterprise portal to showcase their custom solutions.


Calcey designed and developed an analytics portal that drew data in real-time from a host of internal Paypal systems and APIs, transformed the data and then presented it to users in a rich front end dashboard. The solution was underpinned by a set of security frameworks to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the data presented.

The portal for Enterprise clients was built on Drupal and designed to present select clients with a timeline view of some of Paypal’s bespoke solutions and with tightly restricted access controls to maintain confidentiality. 

Technologies: PHP, Drupal, PostgreSQL


Calcey was able to take on a critical internal project that Paypal’s internal teams had struggled with and provided senior management with a critical degree of transparency and insight into the business. The enterprise portal also proved to be a key tool enabling the Enterprise Sales team.

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