An alternative to traditional payment methods, PayPal is one of the largest digital payment facilitators in the world. Used by both giants and start-ups alike, more than $1,000 goes through the PayPal financial engine every second and over 100,000 people sign up for PayPal’s service every day from around the world.


Being a global financial services company, strict controls and high levels of management vigilance are crucial to PayPal’s longevity and success. However, PayPal found that monitoring the company’s global operations became increasingly difficult as the company grew. The need for a dashboard that would aggregate a range of performance metrics of the company at any given time was identified to improve data and information flow to management.

The internal team handling the project for PayPal were given a strict deadline of a few weeks to deliver the project, estimated as requiring several months.


Given the tight timeline required, PayPal engaged Calcey’s product engineering services to develop the new dashboard. Working tirelessly in close collaboration with teams from PayPal distributed around the world, Calcey successfully delivered the project in a mere four weeks.

Calcey developed the front-end web portal and integrated with internal APIs to pull in their real-time business intelligence data. Given the requirement for a lot of analytical data to be presented through the dashboard, a data transformation layer was developed to optimize the performance of the web application and ensure the data pulled from PayPal’s systems were easily digestible by the end user (i.e. bar charts, pie charts etc.).

Given the sensitive nature of the information being dealt with, strict adherence to security procedures was imperative to ensure that the client’s security standards were not compromised during delivery.

Technologies: Node.js, express, kraken.js, webpak, react, d3.js / nvd3


PayPal’s CEO and other CXOs are able to gain access to critical information and data at-a-glance and have a holistic view of PayPal’s overall health at any given time, improving decision making and efficiency.