Case study


Mobile application to make healthy eating easy for everyone

Calcey have been a revelation for our company. Their technical expertise is unquestionable, plus they look to go deeper than the tech and understand the business and its demands and challenges. They are great to work with and I would have no hesitation to recommend them to anyone else looking for a full stack development team.
Joel Burgess
Founder & CEO


Nutrifix, a London-based mobile startup focused on helping people find healthy meals in their vicinity, was struggling to make progress on their MVP with a UK development company. Frustrated by their existing vendor, they turned to Calcey and asked us to spin up an extended team to quickly build the MVP and make up for lost time.


Calcey took over the code base from the previous vendor after performing a code audit to identify architectural and implementation issues. The Calcey team was able to quickly stabilize the code base and build out all the required features, enabling an MVP launch within a very short period of time. 

Technologies: Android, Ionic2, Cordova, and AngularJS


The MVP immediately gained traction with early adopters and this enabled Nutrifix to raise a round funding and be accepted into a prestigious start-up accelerator program. Fueled by these developments, Nutrifix and Calcey have since released a full-featured version of the app and demonstrate further traction as Nutrifix continues to raise funds and grow.

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