You’ve had a long day, you’re heading home and with that dreaded question ‘What’s for dinner?’ looming over you, the last thing on your mind is your nutrition needs. Preparing and cooking healthy meals takes a lot of time, often making eating healthy feel like a luxury you just don’t have time for. But what if there was a mobile app that could do all the hard work for you, day or night, helping you easily locate meals tailored to your specific nutritional needs?

A mobile start-up in London, Nutrifix, was born of the idea to create a space for individuals on-the-go to easily find the best and healthiest places to eat, by connecting users to healthy meal options based on their location, nutritional needs, and fitness goals. Aggregating and curating meals from hundreds of restaurants, from major chains to little known hole-in-the-wall outlets, Nutrifix, does not just direct users to the healthiest meals but also helps them ‘discover’ their new favorite places to eat.


Frustrated by the slow progress developing the MVP with a local service provider and unable to pin-point exactly what was wrong, the founder, Joel Burgess turned to Calcey. Initially choosing to develop Nutrifix’s public facing website with Calcey as a pilot project, he was impressed with the level of delivery, Joel decided to hand over mobile app development to Calcey as well, taking on a dedicated virtual team working on a retainer basis.


Nutrifix engaged Calcey to take over development from the previous developer, conduct a code audit to identify the current architecture and detect any major architectural issues, carry out the fixes, stabilize the code base and provide a MVP release within a short period of time.

The app, that draws on hundreds of restaurants, rates places to eat according to users’ unique nutritional profiles. It profiles users according to their overall needs to lose weight, gain muscle etc. and calculates the optimal mix of nutrients necessary to reach this goal.

While initially, also, offering recipes for cooking at home and nearby shops where the required ingredients can be bought, Nutrifix, did away with this feature and strategy to focus and double down on their core objective, connecting users to on-the-go healthy meals.

Meal options ranging from dine-in to take away options are collated and nearby restaurants and particular menu items that match users’ nutritional needs and fitness goals are recommended. A unique, personalized score for every dish and snack, guides users to the right places to eat and the right items on the menu to match their nutritional profiles.

Technologies: Android, Ionic2, Cordova, and AngularJS


The MVP developed in short time enabled Nutrifix to show utility, validate their thesis and demonstrate traction with early adopters. This lead to a successful round of investment via the crowdfunding site Crowdcube, where 375 investors came together to help Nutrifix raise €194,310, far exceeding its initial target of €150,000.

Bringing home another win, Nutrifix, also succeeded in being accepted into the prestigious Just Eat start-up accelerator program. Supporting Nutrifix through this period of fast evolution, Calcey continues to work closely with the Nutrifix team and are in the midst of developing a second version of the app, as Nutrifix prepares to go in for a second round of funding.


Calcey have been a revelation for our company. Their technical expertise is unquestionable, plus they look to go deeper than the tech and understand the business and its demands and challenges. They are great to work with and would have no hesitation to recommend to anyone else looking for a full stack development team.

Joel Burgess
Founder & CEO