Case study


Next generation technology for one Australia’s leading Fintechs


One of Australia’s leading fintech brands, MyBudget has helped more than 100,000 Australians manage their personal finances by creating personalized spending and savings plans. In order to scale and to go global, MyBudget needed to build a Next-Gen platform, overhauling existing digital touchpoints and building new systems to handle hitherto offline processes and chose Calcey to be their development partner.


Calcey set up an extended dedicated software engineering team to work alongside MyBudget’s tech team in Adelaide, Australia. The two teams conformed to common development standards and practices to ensure smooth collaboration and continuously iterated these processes as they kept working together. Calcey resources were utilized for the Next-Gen project as well as to tackle business-as-usual (BAU) tasks to support existing systems.

Technologies: Java, Angular, ASP .NET Core Core, PostgreSQL, Docker


The extended team set up at Calcey helped to accelerate the development of MyBudget’s Next-Gen platform.

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