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Fresh Fitness Food

How a bespoke ERP transformed London’s leading nutrition provider

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Caspar Rose


London-based Fresh Fitness Food (FFF) offers bespoke meals delivered to‑door daily in cities across the UK. Through personalized (macro specific) meal plans, FFF gives its subscribers the precision, structure, and consistency needed to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Having enjoyed steep growth since launch, FFF needed to overhaul its existing systems and digitize a patchwork of interconnected processes in order to make operations both efficient and scalable. A key bottleneck was the reliance on human nutritionists to create the custom meals plans for each FFF client.


Calcey built a bespoke ERP solution that digitized FFF’s operations end to end; providing complete customer self-service, algorithmic meal planning, centralised procurement, production scheduling and ultimately packing and delivery. The solution increased FFF’s transaction capacity dramatically and significantly cut the lead times for key processes.

Technologies: .NET Core, PostgreSQL, React, Swift


The benefit if the new solution was swift, with the algorithmic meal planning and centralised procurement logic providing an immediate 14% improvement in gross-margin on go live. The system has since enabled FFF to grow dramatically and it is now the #1 healthy nutrition provider in the UK.

FFF’s team of 13 at Calcey are now hard at work building new features into the core platform and building out a multifunctional mobile application to drive FFF’s growth into new markets.

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