A restaurant that remembers what you like to eat, your allergies and details about your family. Meals ready for pick-up at exactly the time given, on the dot and to the minute. Flame-cooked goodness in highly nutritious and tasty take-away platters. This is Firebrand Fresh for you.

Re-inventing the Tandoori cooking oven for the new age, Firebrand Fresh was launched in the UK and brings together the two, seemingly, mutually exclusive worlds of healthy lifestyle choices and fast food.

The vision

A self-proclaimed ‘nerdy guy’, the founder Dhiren, taking on the challenge of running a marathon at fifty, found the most challenging part of this to be, not the physical training as he had feared, but finding non-fried, nutrient-rich, high protein, low carb, tasty food to support the training.

Recognising there must be more people out there like him, whether running a marathon or not, looking for healthier meal options, he developed his love for cooking and eating meat cooked over charcoal, to invent the Firebrand Fresh charcoal oven. His menu is derived largely from his own likes and dislikes and with keen attention to the nutrition benefits of each item and their contribution to a ‘balanced meal’.

Dhiren envisioned a healthy restaurant and food service more acutely attuned to customer needs and was intrigued by the idea of offering customers a far more personalized service through the use of technology than that ever seen before. His technological vision included superior order tracking through the use of location-based technology to help determine the precise time at which orders should be placed in the oven to ensure they’re prepared and ready just in time for pick up, personalised messages printed on takeaway platters for each family member and an assurance of never disappointing a child with the same gift twice.

He firmly believed in maximizing the utility of technology in all aspects of the business, from customer interaction to oven loading, as a means of achieving superior efficiency and personalization. Competing in the same space as other well-established fast food and delivery brands, Firebrand Fresh looks to personalize the user experience in a manner unseen before to differentiate itself and gain a foothold in the market.


With a patent secured for the oven, Dhiren recognized the need for a fast way to pilot the concept, get consumer feedback and refine their menu at a fraction of the cost that it would take to launch Firebrand Fresh’s full concept. Creating a platform for online ordering that would enable him to start delivery operations on a small scale proved to be the answer.

Without a physical store in operation, Firebrand Fresh, needed a well-functioning mobile-friendly website to help get off the ground.


Calcey initially engaged to carry out a requirements elaboration exercise, architected and documented the solution as well as designed the user interfaces, working closely with the founder. The team visited the founder in London to get a feel of ground conditions, meet vendors and consult on the chain’s overall technology roadmap, better understanding the founder’s vision and requirements.

An initial version of the app that facilitates ordering, predicts time estimates for deliveries as well as includes an admin panel was developed in quick time. The admin panel allows access to a customers’ order history, order specific label printing and also includes an algorithm that regulates how to load the oven in relation to orders placed.

In two months, Calcey had a MVP with multiple digital touch points that facilitated order taking and delivery management, developed and ready to go.

Technologies: React, React Native, Redux, PostgreSQL


The MVP of the app is now live and has enabled Firebrand Fresh to start delivery operations on a small scale to nearby areas and test the popularity of their notion of ‘healthy’ fast food. What started out as a one-man operation has quickly expanded and required the recruitment of several full-time employees. Firebrand has also successfully attracted the interest of several high-profile investors, while further enhancements and improvements to the app are already in the works.


Firebrand Fresh have been working with Calcey for almost a year. They are the masters at working on Agile Sprints, of which there have been many, 90% delivered on or before the due date and 100% within 48 hours of the due date. But above all, they are extremely thoughtful and have added tremendous value with suggested improvements. Simply excellent!

Dhiren Master