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DreamStart Labs

Pioneering fintech for emerging markets powered by Calcey teams

We are extremely pleased with Calcey as a strategic technology partner. The technical quality is high, team members are talented and competent, and management is very responsive and accommodating, working with us to create win-win situations. One thing I appreciate most is the thoughtful and proactive behavior of the Calcey team. When we define our technical priorities, they take the time to understand the underlying strategy and respond with solutions that are both creative and pragmatic. They also proactively come up with proposals on their own, looking ahead, anticipating potential problems, and bringing the issues to the table with a plan for how to address them. That's leadership. It's great - it makes my job as the CTO a lot easier.
Henrik Esbensen


DreamStart Labs, a California-based provider of digital banking technology for emerging markets, partnered with Calcey for more than just development capability. DreamStart needed a seasoned engineering leadership to unify disparate product teams spread across the US, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Rwanda and the Philippines.


DreamStart’s 14-person team at Calcey includes DreamStart’s Head of Engineering who provides technical leadership and direction across the company. Calcey also provides a global Project Manager for DreamStart, who helps to coordinate work between all of its teams. The team works across DreamStart’s suite, extending its flagship mobile fintech application, building a state-of-the-art analytics platform, and driving innovation and R&D.

Technologies: Python, Java, Android, Cassandra, Spark, Mongo, Google Cloud Platform


DreamStart’s partnership with Calcey has enabled the firm to consolidate and extend its product suite and with this, enter a series of new markets across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. DreamStart has been recognized as a leader in its space – winning the Vodafone Wireless Innovation Award and being named to the Inclusive Fintech 50, as one of the top 50 startups driving financial inclusion worldwide.


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