Alex Crockford, an athlete, physical trainer and social media influencer founded Crockfit to help people across the world to transform their bodies and take control of their lives. Alex leveraged his huge following on social media (250,000 plus Instagram followers) to quickly grow a cult following for the Crockfit brand.


Crockfit was initially launched as a website offering workout and diet plans as PDFs. The plans were emailed individually to the subscribers via a semi-manual process, which grew cumbersome as the platform grew in popularity. A mobile app that could offer guided workouts and capture quick user feedback was the need of the hour, but Alex had little idea about how to get started.


A friend running a fit tech startup introduced Alex to Calcey and an agreement was reached to build the mobile app with a phased-out approach, gradually launching new workout plans to keep users engaged and tweaking features to improve the user experience over time.

Calcey dived into the project with an intensive UX exercise. First, Calcey’s UX specialist (who had incidentally received his training in the UK) studied the personas of the different users within the Crockfit community. Then after brainstorming the optimal user journey and positioning of the call to action points (via workflow diagrams and sketches), he started wireframing the screens, creating a first visualization of the UX for Alex’s feedback. This gradually evolved into a lo-fi clickable prototype, which provided an even better representation of the look and feel of the final product. Hi-fi designs for key screens as well as a style guide were then created to provide the development team guidance on final full-color UX, rounding off the UX exercise.

The mobile app was then rapidly built using React Native, enabling it to be launched in both iOS and Android app stores in parallel.


Crockfit debuted on the app store as one of the most popular apps under the fitness category. New workout plans are continuously being launched bringing in fresh content, anticipation, and excitement to subscribers.