Case study

Compare Networks

A custom platform to handle extreme scale in the healthcare space

We started with some small projects with Calcey back in 2005 and it just grew from there. We found great success with our projects
Andy Miller
COO & Co-founder


San Francisco based Compare Networks had a good problem; they ran the world’s leading product comparison sites in the global life sciences and healthcare. Which means they need an incredibly robust, scalable and performant platform, capable of handling over 100 million products across 30 product verticals, with rich product information drawn from commercial and academic sources. 


Calcey built a bespoke content management and distribution platform, tailored to Compare Networks’ 

scalability and performance needs. The platform dramatically simplifies the management of content across all 30+ verticals and enables Compare Networks to operate in multiple markets with minimum overhead. 


Technologies: .NET Core, SQL Server, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Elastic, PHP, Selenium, MySQL


Calcey’s solution was transformative, enabling Compare Networks to scale both the number of products listed as well as the number of verticals/ markets they operated in. Compare Networks’ partnership with Calcey has continued for over 15 years, with a team of 11 working continuously on enhancing and evolving the solution and keeping it current.

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