Ancon is a leading point of sale (POS) provider in Sweden, providing its POS software and hardware solutions to thousands of restaurants, fast food chains, and eateries.


Ancon had rich legacy transaction data of its customers going back years, but no practical way of querying this data, as traditional methods could not handle the data volume or computational requirements of its reporting needs. Ancon had millions of transaction records in its databases, as every menu item in a customer bill required a new record (to provide structured data for analysis). The volume of data was such that even attempts to run reports for even a short period of time (e.g. 1 month) would lead to database timeout errors etc.

Ancon was already working with Calcey to build its next-generation POS software suite. One new improvement in this solution was the ability for Ancon’s users (restaurant owners) to analyze their transaction data to identify trends, problems, bottlenecks etc. However, a robust data querying mechanism was needed before implementing this functionality.


Calcey created a data warehouse and created data cubes so that aggregated data can be provided without performance bottlenecks. A REST endpoint was configured to output this processed information to the front end. A data visualization dashboard using MS Power BI was built, consuming data provided via this API. Talend was used as the ETL tool.


The new querying mechanism implemented by Calcey brought down report generation time from 10 mins + to near real time, taking the first steps towards enabling Ancon to offer power BI tools to its customers.