Experts in turning ideas into polished products

We’ve helped many founders (both technical and non-technical) through the most arduous part of the startup process – turning their concept into a minimum viable product (MVP). 

Startups and founders we’ve worked with have gained access to prestigious accelerators, set crowdfunding records, and gone on to raise Series A funding from top-notch VCs. 

We work with founders with a high-level concept as well as those with detailed product specifications. 

If you have just a high-level concept, we help you to distill your idea into a software solution via a design and discovery workshop where we;

  • understand the concept
  • do research on the market and the target end-user
  • brainstorm features
  • visualize the product’s user experience (UX) with mockups and designs
  • identify the scope of an optimal MVP 

This workshop produces all the material we need to provide an accurate time and cost estimate for MVP development. Founders with a detailed product specification, complemented by UX, can move straight to the estimation step. 

Product development happens in iterative cycles using Agile principles, incorporating feedback from beta testers and other stakeholders, to deliver the most value as quickly as possible.


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