Scale up

Grow fast without the growing pains

If you are rapidly scaling your business, you are likely to be held back by a variety of technology constraints. Calcey provides a number of services that help you unblock and overcome these obstacles.

  • If you are a technology company with significant technical debt holding you back from retaining current clients and onboarding new ones – we do a code audit, identify potential improvements and changes needed to your current codebase and implement.
  • If you are short of the development bandwidth you need to ship a product at the right velocity – we talk with your team to align on the process and coding standards, before collaboratively tackling your product roadmap.
  • If you are a brick and mortar company looking to digitize, scale faster and become a technology business – we conduct a workshop to understand your business, brainstorm how to digitize it and become your ‘tech team’ from there.

We bring you the discipline and practices needed to develop robust software while matching your speed and passion.


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