Long term focused, win-win deals

Our primary source of new business is introductions made by clients and a network of channel sales partners spread around the world.

Our partners include consulting CTOs, designers, technical project management consultants, b2b matchmakers, startup CEOs, and even digital agencies. They have one thing in common. They trust us and introduce us to their contacts who are looking for software development teams.

Any new prospective client or partner can browse our case studies and speak directly with a few current clients to assess our claims.

In our quarterly Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey, more than 80% of our clients rank us at 8 or above, hence we can confidently claim that our clients are our ambassadors.

We have a mature, win-win model for working with partners, where we reward the partner for new business resulting from their introductions, without inflating the prices for the end client.

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