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We are pegging salaries to the dollar

We are officially rolling out a USD-pegged remuneration scheme for all employees. The scheme is being implemented to safeguard salaries from exchange rate-induced inflation. 

“Our employees raised concerns about the impact currency depreciation may have on domestic price levels, and we devised this scheme in response to ensure that their living standards don’t take an undue hit due to exceptional macroeconomic factors,” said Gehan Dias, General Manager of Calcey Technologies. “The scheme is entirely voluntary and operates on an opt-in basis” he emphasized.

“Our people are our most valuable asset, and we’d like to actually walk the talk when it comes to treating them so. That’s the key motivation behind implementing this policy in its present form, and is just one of many other things we do to keep Calcey a happy and great place to work” concluded Ishara Walpola, Calcey’s Director – People and Culture.

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