Announcements partners with Calcey to develop cloud-based apps has decided to partner with Calcey Technologies to implement their core product development needs. is a high-potential startup in the bioscience product information dissemination space, which CompareNetworks acquired in July 2013. is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.

The core user story of is for researchers to be able to search for bioscience products such as antibodies, obtain product listings and vendor information, and have them intelligently matched with research papers that sight their use. also acts as a behind the scenes syndication partner for other bioscience product search platforms, by providing them with an API that delivers research material and product/vendor activity for a given search string. is coded using the PHP language and the Zend development Framework. The application is deployed on the Amazon EC2 cloud, and the backend data is functionally distributed across My SQL and Mongo DB. Apache Solr is leveraged for speedy article search.

Calcey has deployed a full-time software engineering team inclusive of considerable architectural and testing bandwidth to help materialize the development roadmap for this innovative product. Calcey’s representatives visited the office in Dublin in August this year for knowledge transfer purposes, and development of new features and improvements to the platform is now in full swing.


imSMART, the Fastest Growing Product in CompareNetworks’ History

As the leading software development partner of CompareNetworks, we are delighted to see imSmart unveiled to the corporate world:

Calcey is proud to be a technical contributor to the development of this product that is showing great potential, and wishes CompareNetworks every success with broad-basing its user base!