How we work

We work with you closely to identify business needs, then design, build, integrate and manage solutions that can evolve and grow with you. We understand that every business scenario is different and try design a tailor made approach to tackle your unique challenge.

We are born Agile, but adapt ourselves to work with Waterfall and hybrid models when required. Our core focus is to develop products and solutions that deliver on your business KPIs.

How do we differ from the rest?

  • Culture of close collaboration and collective problem solving
  • Equal focus on experience and technology
  • Complete transparency into work-in-progress
  • See things from a product owner’s perspective
  • We see things from a product-owner’s perspective
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Have an idea, but don’t know how to get started?

Talk to us! Over the years we’ve worked with quite a few entrepreneurs and taken projects from MVPs to industry leading products.

We often help founders map out their idea in detail – an obvious first step required for getting an accurate detailed time/cost estimate and even considering starting software development. We call this exercise ‘Requirements Elaboration’ and spend time with the founders to understand their vision and transform it into a digital product.

To ensure that the complete user journey and all features captured under this exercise, we develop user interface (UX) designs for all screens. The designs maybe low fidelity mockups for future reference or finalized hi fidelity UX depending on time available and preferences of the founder.

We also create a detailed product specification document to be used as the blueprint by the developers once software development begins. This document captures all users and their roles within the product in the form ‘user stories’ – the industry standard documentation protocol – that can be easily understood by both technical and non-technical readers. We will also play the role of your CTO and propose the optimal technical architecture and a roll-out strategy for your product.

Our focus is to help you to get to market fast and cost-effectively and validate key assumptions. From there on, we can work together in an Agile fashion pushing enhancement or new features as required.

Want to grow your product?

Think you’ve hit the jackpot with a product that users’ love, but feel let down by technology? We’ve helped startups in this position before and come up with some proven solutions for common problems.

  • Bugs that don’t go away – Your internal team can’t get to the bottom of some irritating bugs? Maybe it’s time for a second opinion. We can review your code and provide a full report of code quality, scalability, possible improvements and sources of bugs. You can review the report and contract our developers to carry out a stabilization sprint.
  • Need a Principal Architect – How far can you scale your current application? Is your solution architecture and infrastructure designed optimally? Wish you had a Software Architect to answer such questions, but afford one yet? We offer software architecture-as-a-service.
  • Each new release requires more testing resources –  As your application becomes increasingly feature rich and complex, carrying out testing to ensure that you haven’t broken old features while introducing new ones (manual regression testing) becomes time consuming and expensive. We provide an experienced test automation team that can save you time and expensive QA resources.