Why Calcey? An introduction

The name Calcey is a combination of California and Ceylon (now known as Sri Lanka). As the name suggests Calcey was formed with the intention of combining innovative Silicon Valley culture with the sizable talent pool for highly skilled engineers in Sri Lanka.

Formed in 2002 by Mangala Karunaratne, Calcey Technologies is a boutique software product engineering firm specialized in developing digital products for enterprises and startups worldwide. Prior to starting Calcey Mangala sat on the other side of the table as an Project Manager in Silicon Valley managing an offshore team. He saw first-hand how mismatched cultures and low levels of product ownership by offshore team often doomed such projects, and set out to create a completely different ethos at Calcey.

Calcey adopts cutting-edge technologies while applying lateral thinking to our product solutions and agile engineering process. We are proud to have been named by Gartner as a delivery capable provider in the Asia Pacific region, in recognition of our commitment to the highest industry standards.

We work with customers in many industries including retail, healthcare, biotechnology, eLearning, networking, telecommunications and construction. We challenge ourselves with R&D projects that require us to learn and apply the latest technologies in IoT, SaaS, web and mobile.

Our people

Our team is young, versatile and hungry. We understand that the way to succeed is to help you, our clients, do the same and we bring this win-win attitude to work every day. We love work collaboratively and aren’t afraid to disagree and commit, when required.

Our clients often comment that walking into our development center feels like stepping inside a tech startup in Silicon Valley. Pay us a visit and let’s hear what you think!