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Managed software
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engineering teams
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For nearly two decades, we’ve built world-class bespoke digital products for startups, SMEs, and enterprises by providing them with award-winning, dedicated, remote development teams.

Recognized by Gartner as a delivery capable software product development services provider from Asia Pacific

78 NPS®
A Net Promoter Score® that makes us world-class
of employees say we are a great place to work

From the hundreds of reasons why our clients love and trust us, here are a few

Jason Roy
CTO - Compare Networks, Inc.

“The entire organization, from the CEO down to the most junior employee, is focused and responsive to my company’s needs.”

Mikke Selandar
CEO - Ancon

“There was something about Calcey. Something with the culture, the people, and I trusted my gut feeling… It’s a nice culture here. It’s really like this start-up feeling. It’s awesome!”

Caspar Rose
CEO - Fresh Fitness Food

“I’ve seen Calcey turn down work when it's something they didn’t specialize in and I think that’s really important to look for in an agency.”

Henrik Esbensen
CTO - Dreamstart Labs

“We are extremely pleased with our relationship with Calcey. The technical quality is very high, all team members are very competent and management is very responsive and accommodating, working with us to create win-win situations.”

Susan Feland
Director of Online Leadership Programs Stanford Graduate School of Business

“I am thrilled with the work your team has done for me. The users are thrilled that we were able to launch on time and everything works. Thank you for such professional work! It is a pleasure to work with the Calcey team!”

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We specialise in providing our clients with managed, dedicated and long-term teams that operate according to Agile methodologies.
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