A world that is moving more towards socially conscious consumerism each day. Consumers in search of healthy food, socially and environmentally responsible products and suppliers who matched their values. Suppliers with little or no access to these markets.

A place that brings this all together. Good Market.

Pioneered via weekend flea markets in Sri Lanka, Good Market, sought to answer the struggle socially responsible consumers and suppliers, both, faced in finding each other. To qualify or participate vendors needed to meet minimum sector standards and a “good for people and good for the planet” check.

The unique idea, further allowed small-scale farmers in the country, many of whom grow organically out of personal conviction, who often struggle with the cost of export-level third-party certification, improved market access, visibility and credibility through being accredited as a ‘Good Market approved vendor’.


By 2015, the Good Market team started to notice a change in the types of questions and services being asked of them, including a significant number of inquiries flowing in from abroad. In response to these changes and following discussions with parties concerned, the idea of the ‘Good Market Online Community’ was born. Their vision was to create a platform that would take the key aspects of their business model – curation, discovery and match making – online, while leveraging the power of crowdsourcing to scale globally.


Calcey was chosen as the technology partner for the project and build a global platform that facilitates regional market clusters, providing a one-stop search engine for the socially conscious consumer.

Allocating a dedicated team to work on the project, Calcey, worked closely with Good Market to understand their business model and the stakeholders involved. The team assisted the client to envision how technology can be applied to digitize and improve their business and helped transform that vision into functionality and features, creating a roadmap for the proposed product. The roadmap was phased out into multiple sprints to allow time for testing with potential end users and incorporate their feedback.

Each release was tested with potential end users to understand usability issues and concerns. The team got directly involved in end-user testing sessions to better understand the product in action and be in a better position to serve the client.

Technologies: Node.js, express, polymer, Elastic Search, PostgreSQL, Redis, Sequelize


With Calcey’s help, Good Market, are today better able to serve their community through the new application forms that went live in August 2016 and the public version of which began rolling out in 2017.

The site which has a mobile-first responsive design that works well in areas of low connectivity currently serves more than 450 vendors across all sectors of the economy. Allowing visitors’ the ability to use the site without logging in, it can be used to search for vendors, view their pages and contact information, find products, services, jobs, volunteer opportunities, events, share content to social media and much more.


Good Market is a start-up with an active community, which means we are constantly making changes based on feedback from our users. The Calcey team is quick, responsive, and fully committed to an agile process. We couldn’t have developed at this pace without them. Calcey’s near-obsessive commitment to quality assurance and world-class code has meant that we are able to focus our full attention on community outreach and business development.

Dr. Amanda Kiessel
Co-founder & Director