Do you want to know if your software is durable and bug free? Let our specialized Quality Assurance Team test it for you.

Calcey provides a complete range of services to help you achieve your software quality goals. Our domain and industry focused QA services ensures your mobile applications and websites meet today’s high performance and availability needs.


Automation Technologies

  • Selenium IDE and WebDriver
  • Robot Framework
  • Cucumber
  • Jasmine
  • Xcode Automation Instrument
  • Java, Javascript, C# and Python

We provide a range of Software Quality Assurance services that are suited for today’s lean and Agile development environment.

Our product engineering teams are versatile and thorough in their approach to test planning and execution. In our experience, the first cut of a piece of code can benefit from the independent “end- user” perspective of a human tester. Once the various test pathways are discovered for a given increment of functionality the test teams proceed with the automation of the test cases. The team is competent in leveraging the latest in automation frameworks and tools, which integrate with any development technology stack. Learn more about how Calcey provide QA solutions for customers.